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Eric C. Williams

A New Author in Chicago
Glass Buildings

  Newly Released

The Game

The Game explores why eight good friends decide to create and play a game created by one of them that challenges and pushes all of them beyond their comfortable ethical zones. The players are four educated married couples living in Connecticut on the wealthy outskirts of Manhattan. Over years of friendly competition, the men and their wives have come to call themselves the "Fearless Foursome". When one of the men constructs a game based on his sexual fantasy, he coerces the other seven -- male and female -- friends to play. After the game begins, the norms they have developed as friends and couples deteriorate. Each player examines the meaning and value of marital and sexual ethics along with the emerging background of sexual harassment and financial greed as 1999 comes to an end simultaneously with the millennium. The Game chronicles these friends as they compromise with the widening norms and values of marital and sexual ethics. 

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Where can this book be found?

Real page-turner:  Terrific novel with many turns!  Love the excitement and sexual tension.

Lou M Ebling

Praise & Reviews for The Game

... when fantasy overrides rational thinking, usually disaster or untoward outcomes result.  It was a fun ride through, prior to the crash." "... some of the content makes me cringe but that is the nature of the story, and the story is credible.

Gail H Vance

... the story line ... is an excellent example of the juxtaposition of competition and compassion as personal values, and negative affect computation ultimately has on inter-personal relationships. 

Jim Van Buren

Anticipate Upcoming Books and Stories

Soon a new mystery, The Information Enigma, will be released followed by two short stories.

               The Information Enigma

In mid-October of 1994 a young, attractive reporter and newscaster for a major Washington DC television station stopped to investigate a late-night serious automobile accident on the entry to the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Exploring what she found, exposed several unexplainable confusions. Her adept telecommunications, computers, and advanced software assistant joined together with a local Major Crimes Lieutenant as they came to the understanding that what happened was more than an automobile collision. A murder lead them to an open view of an ingenious code and the use of advanced computers, telecommunications, and software being used to steal large amounts of oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve. Their clever ideas and working together lead to a dramatic ending including a culprit willing to kill.

That's the Ticket

This is a short story (7,227 words) about a 25 year old man who leaves his small Nebraska farm for the first time ever to see Chicago. While trying to stay dry and warm from a sudden blizzard, hours after arriving in the late afternoon a fall day in October 1993, he ducked into a drugstore near where Rush and State Streets come to a V connection. Somewhat confused, he was forced to watch how two city adults behaved when both believe they won the same winning Lottery ticket.  Watching, he learns the differences between how a bully and a man with appreciation can deal with disagreement and animosity.

To Dream, Perchance to Write

This a short story (7,597 words) of a woman in her early '30s who could not believe she would ever be able to write and writing was all she wanted to do.  She confronts a vivid incident while attending an adult writing workshop. After the matter she could not determine whether it took place or only developed in her mind. In time, she leaves home from Chicago to live in Billingham, Washington where she comes to accept what had happened and finally accepted her her ability to write.


About Eric C. Williams

The Game is Eric C. Williams' debut novel. He has worked in economics, mathematics, and the world of software from mainframes in the late '60s to the laptops of today. Born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio he now lives in Chicago with his artistic wife (and very useful editor), Sandy.  As a result of his entrepreneurial career from Cleveland, New Orleans, Boston, and Chicago in the United States, and London and Brussels, Eric has developed rich insight into human relationships. The Game shows that he has been paying attention.

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